3D Technology & Zygoma Implants For Missing Teeth

zygoma implants for missing teeth

For the first time in India a 3D printed surgical stent was used for a Quad Zygoma dental implant placement for a young female patient at Rajan Dental, Mylapore. This patient had lost almost all her upper jaw teeth by the age of 25. For this patient, quad Zygoma implants were placed and artificial teeth provided.

Cone Beam CT scan was taken, virtual planning was done using specialized software and custom made surgical stent was fabricated. Using the stent as a precise guide, implant surgery was performed and fixed artificial teeth were provided for the patient. This entire process was performed in five days.

Compared to conventional free hand surgery, 3 D printed surgical stents help make the surgery more accurate and more predictable, especially in Quad Zygoma situations. This is where technology and medicine come together for better patient benefits.

“Zygoma implants are specialized dental implants used in the upper jaw to anchor fixed artificial teeth. These are used when patients have inadequate bone for anchoring standard implants in the upper jaw. This is a protocol followed the world over” according to Dr. Gunaseelan Rajan – Medical Director of Rajan Dental.
Zygoma implants have been in use for more than ten years in India. For Patients with severe bone resorption, 4 Zygomatic implants [Quad Zygoma] have to be used. This is a technically challenging procedure. This has now been made more accurate with the help of 3D print technology.

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