Doctor’s Diaries 2

A young woman in her early thirties came for removal of her wisdom tooth due to pain .About a year before; she was diagnosed with a rare condition known as Essential Thrombocytosis. It is a condition where the platelet count is high, which results in spontaneous bleeding. Post extraction bleeding was of a concern to her and she was reassured. After extraction of the wisdom tooth, the bleeding was controlled efficiently by using local hemostatic agents like collagen membrane.

Did you know? Essential thrombocytosis has increased platelet count and Dengue causes reduced platelet count, and ironically both the conditions cause excessive bleeding. The human body is such a funny thing!


A middle aged woman walked into our clinic last week with pain due to her broken tooth which required an extraction. She was under treatment for Hypothyroidsm, Deep vein thrombosis, Diabetes and Systemic Lupus erythematosis (SLE­). She is on Steroid therapy for SLE (which is an autoimmune disorder wherein, our immune system produces antibodies that attacks the healthy cells in the body). In order to avoid her Blood Pressure from plummeting down and evoking other associated complications, one hour before extraction, Intramuscular steroids was given as a prophylactic measure. Extraction was carried out uneventfully. Patient went back home relieved that things went smoother than expected. In most of the medical conditions, dental treatment can be carried out with necessary precautions.


Stress itself is a disease. It not only makes you feel agitated, it also affects your physical health. Stress can lead to increased Blood Pressure thereby leading to heart disease, acidity, gastric ulcers, obesity and headaches. Did you know that Stress has a major role in Dentistry as well? Let’s find out.
Stress can lead to clenching of teeth or grinding of teeth in the night time (Bruxism)which puts a lot of pressure onto the jaw muscles (muscle fatigue) – leading to pain in the jaw joints (Temporomandibular joint pain). The prevalence is more common among young adults. Sometimes, you may also experience a clicking sound or a grating sound (crepitus). Grinding of teeth causes enamel loss, cracks in the tooth ultimately causing sensitivity.
Stress induced mouth ulcers is also a common phenomenon called aphthous ulcers.
So next time when you are feeling stressed out, take a 10-second breather and wonder if it’s really worth worrying about!

By  Dr. Aarti Thiru, Dr. Jemima, Dr. Neevitha


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