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Gone are the days where the patient’s look at the dentist with the fear of injections! With the help of latest advancements we are now able to eliminate dental anxiety with a procedure called Conscious sedation, commonly known as Sleep dentistry.
Sleep dentistry helps the patients undergo the necessary dental treatment with utmost comfort. It also allows multiple procedures to be carried out during a single visit, thereby reducing the number of dental appointments as well.
In this procedure, medication is administered through a small injection in the vein in the back of the hand. Once the procedure is over, the patient is able to go back home the very same day.
The best part of the procedure in our patient’s own words is that “they don’t remember a thing that happened during the procedure”, which makes them more comfortable.


A middle-aged man from Siliguri, Assam had come to our setup with the hope of replacing his missing teeth. Over the past few years, he had lost his teeth and ended up with Oral Sub mucous fibrosis (a condition where there is a loss of elasticity of cheeks, resulting in stiffness of the cheeks) which causes restricted mouth opening. The root cause for this situation was his history of Pan chewing. We managed to give him an implant that supported fixed teeth in spite of the difficulties involved due to restricted mouth opening. Today, he is happily smiling and enjoying all his meals with his new teeth.


A young adult passionate surfer from Australia had a surfing accident while he was holidaying in India. He had lost two of his front teeth and also fractured his bone surrounding the teeth during the accident. He was extremely worried since he was in foreign lands and was concerned how to replace his teeth.
He came to our setup with a lot of questions in his mind. Dental implants were placed despite the fractured bone segment, along with some bone grafting procedure and temporary teeth were given the following day.  He is due to receive his permanent teeth in six months duration.  The patient was overwhelmed with his new teeth.

By Dr. Neevitha

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