Farewell to Dentures

Zygoma Dental Implants - Snehalatha

Mrs.Snehalatha, is the first patient from North-East India to get the long lasting treatment of ZYGOMA implants. She is 52 year old and has been wearing dentures for more than 10 years. She was not happy with her dentures and always wanted fixed replacement of her teeth. Her dentist had suggested Zygoma implants and fixed artificial teeth since regular implant placement was not possible due to her thin upper jaw bone.

Mrs.Snehalatha was treated with 4 zygoma implants (Quad Zygoma treatment) when she reached Chennai and was given fixed teeth within 4 days. Now she is very happy with a wide smile as she has got her teeth back and is able to speak and eat similar to when she had had her natural teeth. Moreover, the new set of teeth is also making her look younger, and she is all the more excited with this new phase of life….

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