Medical Tourism in India at Rajan Dental

Healthcare costs across the developed world have skyrocketed over the last few decades as a result of uncontrolled costs, poor resource allocation, limited insurance coverage and an inadequate supply of skilled clinicians. This has left several patients looking for high quality dental and medical solutions at more affordable rates. People often travel from developed countries such as the United States, United Kingdom and Australia to India where the costs of dental treatment, flights, accommodation in comfortable rooms and a culturally enriching holiday experience all bundled together result in significant savings!

At Rajan Dental, we have served hundreds of such patients who either travel to India specifically for treatment, or combine a regular business visit or holiday to India with comprehensive treatment at our clinic. We provide an end-to-end solution, starting from online support prior to the visit, to ensure ticket bookings are made for the right time to our care-coordinators picking patients up from the airport and showing them around our city to assisting patients through the treatment process and continuity of care even after they return to their home country!

Rajan Dental has proven to be a national leader in quality of dental care and innovation as we have introduced several new procedures and techniques to the country such as zygomatic dental implants and all-on-4 implants. Patients who visit us save significant amounts of time as a result of our high standards of technology which allow for very quick turnaround times. For instance, the zygomatic implants allow a patient to get a full row of fixed teeth within 72 hours even when there is insufficient bone in the upper jaw to place regular implants there. This has shrunk treatment times from over six months to just 3 days!

It is not just for complex or advanced treatment that patients fly down to visit us. Patients based in the United States who require even simple root canals on multiple teeth save their treatment for a visit to us, where we can normally get most of the work done in a few sittings or even provide a spectacular experience through sleep dentistry.

We also have the entire range of facilities under one roof in our flagship seven-storied clinic building in Mylapore! It is a one-stop center of excellence for dentistry with specialised equipment such as lasers, operation theatres, cone-beam CT scans, lounges and recover suites.

We have also partnered with the World’s widest dental network named the MALO Clinic which is located on all six continents which means follow up for any minor cases is very simple. This is often a problem for dental tourists who fly a long way and tend to rely on their foreign dentist for all support. We can transfer easy follow up visits to the Malo Clinic in your home country which will be done at reasonable rates. Through our arrangement with them, cutting edge technology is made available almost instantly as they are responsible for global best practices and have designed the leading clinical protocols.

As an established institution with over 50 years of repute, we attract some of the most highly qualified, skillful and motivated doctors. Our founder  Dr. B. P. Rajan’s values still permeate strongly within the system with the high levels of quality and care maintained, the expertise of our doctors and the trust we have earned from our patients all of which have allowed us to stay a leader in the field of dental service delivery.

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