Oral Hygiene – Periodontics 1


The oral cavity or mouth is the portal of entry that greatly determines our state of health. Gums and the underlying bone form the foundation to support teeth. After dental caries (cavities), bacterial infection in the gums constitute the most common group of diseases of the mouth. Gingivitis is the initial stage of gum infection that can be completely reverted back to healthy gums. Bleeding gums is an early symptom of gingivitis and a warning sign that the gums are due for scaling or gum cleaning. International standards recommend scaling every six months for maintaining healthy gums.
Untreated gingivitis could progress to periodontitis which involves bone loss around teeth which can eventually lead to loosening and loss of teeth. By appropriately choosing antimicrobial therapy, laser assisted periodontal surgery and / or bone grafting procedures we can address and treat various forms of periodontal diseases.
“Prevention is better than cure” is an age old saying that is all the more relevant during our presently, urbanized and modern settings. By addressing gum diseases early, we can restore healthy smiles and the overall state of health and well-being.

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