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Popular Premium Dental Clinic, Rajan Dental – Malo Clinic organized a discussion on Dental Tourism, and Chennai’s growth into an international Dental Tourism Hub.

Rajan Dental – Malo Clinic has become one of the ‘Dental Tourism’ destinations in India attracting patients from USA, UK, Europe and Asian countries for getting advanced dental implant treatment. Mrs. Paul Field, aged 72 years, Australian citizen and Mrs. Kinga Kowalska Kirpalani aged 44 years had travelled to Rajan Dental to get their high end dental implant treatment performed, shared their experience during the press meet scheduled on 21st May 2018.

Patients across the globe travel to India for medical tourism considering the high cost of treatment in their country. Dental insurance premium do not cover all the treatments. Often the insurance premium is very high and long waiting period to get their treatment done. A majority of them find Chennai ideal for cost effective All-on-4 and Zygoma dental implant treatment.

Dental treatments are very costly in countries like USA, UK, Europe and Australia whereas availability of skilled doctors and technology is a challenge in African & South Asian counties. For all these patients India has become the dental tourism destination and especially, Chennai is attracting a lot of foreign patients for dental treatment.

Patients prefer Chennai for dental tourism considering the availability of qualified and experienced doctors, good ambience hygiene dental facility, reasonable cost of treatment (1/3rd cost of their home country) and leisure in tourist places in and around Chennai. They are also comfortable because of Chennai’s connectivity and wanting to experience the South Indian hospitality along with medical care.

Mrs. Paul Field, Australian citizen, aged about 72 years travelled from Australia to Chennai Rajan Dental Hospital for getting her advanced All-on-4 Zygoma dental implant treatment, has shared her experience as very good and comfortable where she was provided with permanent teeth in less than a week. She also mentioned the confidence in the care that she got from Chennai and the same was beyond her expectation. Mrs. Kinga from Poland who got her All-on-4 Zygoma implant treatment in Rajan Dental quoted she preferred India as she is aware of the quality of the treatment that she could get here.

Mr. Mani Krishnan, handled the India & South Asia implant market for a leading Swiss implant manufacturing company for 13 years quoted that India is emerging as one of the Dental Tourism markets for advanced Implantology, for the globe, as the treatment performed here is no less than the treatment in USA / UK in quality but at 1/3rd the cost. He claimed out of his experience in Implant dentistry market he witnessed the year on year growth on the inflow of foreign patients to Chennai for dental implant treatment which is actually increasing multi-fold.

Dr. Gunaseelan Rajan, Medical director of Rajan Dental – Malo Clinic quoted the world has become small through technology. Even before visiting India the patient could interact with us through video chat, share their scans, clarify their doubts, make a treatment plan, get the quote for the treatment, fix the date of surgery and travel. As the advanced dental implant procedures warrant minimum 10 days stay in Chennai he said patients can spend their non treatment time in local tourism.

About All-on-4 Zygoma Implants

A new technique developed in Europe to do upper jaw dental implant treatments using the cheek-bone (Zygoma bone) without using the hipbone graft. This ‘Graft-less technique’ or ‘Zero-Graft technique’, is also called the ‘Zygoma technique’. All-on-4 Zygoma Implant treatment was brought into India by Rajan Dental – Malo Clinic in the year 2007. Rajan Dental – Malo Clinic has performed 324 Zygoma Implants with 168 patients since 2007 in Chennai, the highest in India.

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