Rajan Dental partners with Gold Dental

Rajan Dental partners with Gold Dental

Dental healthcare in India is highly fragmented. There is also a disproportionately high ratio of dentists to population in urban areas. At the same time, there is very little innovation or research occurring within the country and the standard of education and clinical practice remains far below globally acceptable standards.

Rajan Dental has been at the forefront of innovation and cutting-edge clinical practice in India having been among the first movers in dental implantology, laser dentistry, sedation dentistry and zygomatic implantology in India. We have also inked a historic partnership with the world’s leading dental implantology knowledge centre – Portugal’s Malo Clinic. In terms of research, we also produced the first paper on Anterior Maxillary Distraction, a new technique to treat upper jaw growth defects in cleft lip and palate patients. Rajan Dental has also setup a high-end ceramic lab with the assistance of German technician Tarek Frank Feissali who took 4 years to implement.

However, the Rajan vision for scaling dentistry to new heights is to make such technological advancements affordable, accessible and available to the general public.With this in mind we are looking at aggressively promoting a few new concepts. We have opened a low-cost dental wing on our premises and are also entering the continuing dental education space to make dental care more affordable and improve the standards of clinical work by training doctors.


Our most exciting development, is in directly touching communities through our partnership with Gold Dental care. We are establishing a network of neighborhood clinics branded “Rajan Gold Dental”. Doctors in the network will be trained under the Rajan Dental system and have the opportunity to grow their own clinics with managerial support which includes technology, process, branding, financing and patient services. Doctors are the most critical piece in the success of a clinic which is why Rajan Gold Dental will form strong partnerships with doctors who repeatedly demonstrate strong professional integrity and commitment as well as the intellectual curiosity to expand their knowledge base.

Our key drivers for this venture are doctor-entrepreneurs Dr. Sugumar and Dr. Prem Lawrence who will be fully backed by the Rajan Dental administrative team. They are now committed to developing the Rajan Gold Dental brand as a network of professionally-managed, doctor-owned practices across the state with subsequent expansion nationally and globally. “We aim to expand our network to at least 100 clinics by 2022 by focusing on India’s untouched tier-2 and tier-3 potential” says Dr. Sugumar.

Our mission is to Improve standards of life for people by providing access to basic social, psychological and personal needs such as the ability to eat and chew without pain and the ability to smile confidently in public. “We want to ensure that high quality dentistry is within reach of every Indian citizen. This was one of my father’s ultimate dreams, which he worked tirelessly towards and I believe is my duty to fulfill” says Dr. Gunaseelan Rajan, our Medical Director. These services will be provided in a comfortable environment that provides for a soothing and relaxing patient experience. We are confident of scaling our reach and touching innumerable lives in the near future.

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