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Creating an awareness on oral hygiene among school children

The Rajan Dental Institute had recently published an article in the Journal of the Indian Dental Association(JIDA) . The publication reflects a study made by Rajan Dental on the attitude and practice of oral hygiene among school children in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. The study was made through the traditional ‘survey’ research method. A questionnaire was handed out to over 250 children in the age group 7-17 years at the science city fair organized by the Tamil Nadu State Government in January 2012.

The following results were reported from the data:

A. 35% – had experienced Tooth ache

B. 41% – had experienced Bleeding Gums

C. 55% – Brushed twice daily

D. 79% – Rinsed after food

E. 32% – Used mouth rinses

F. 48% – Visited the dentist regularly

G. 54% – Had attended dental camp.

To sum up, school children in Chennai have always had a moderate awareness to oral hygiene but need to be educated for a better standard of care.

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