Daniel Ramsier

My journey started a year ago. I came from the US after a recommendation from a dentist known to my wife’s family. I sent Dr. Gunaseelan my X-rays and consulted with him over the phone. He seemed nice and informative. After our initial discussions in which he explained to me his preliminary analysis, I flew to Chennai for the first stage of my treatment. During the three weeks of Phase I, during which time I went through my implant surgery, Dr. Gunaseelan and his team were very professional and I felt I received very good medical care. I left India with a temporary prosthesis and a year later came back for the permanent. Throughout this process, Dr. Gunasselan and his team have been very nice, helpful, very informative and patient with explaining all the procedures and making sure I am happy with the results and the entire healing process. I would highly recommend Dr. Gunaseelan and his professional team of doctors. I would also like to thank them for the treatment I have received at their facility.

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