Kriti Kundalia

Firstly, I want to thank you for making me so comfortable at your institute. I got to know of Zygomatic Implant 3 months back in July, 2007 from Dr. Khincha (Bangalore), who advised me to go for implants.

In the moment I was terrified, and I was given the option of Bone grafting or Zygomatic Implant. Bone grafting being a longer and a tedious process, I opted for Zygomatic Implant. Thanks to the technology, during the surgery I did not realize anything as I was under General anesthesia. Only fear I had was local anesthesia and the side effects of medicine and pain killers. But now i think the pain was worth as having fixed teeth is better in the long run and all the doctors at Rajan Dental Institute really care for the patient. Their patience and willingness to answer any and how many doubts makes it easier for patients.

Thank you once again

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