Mr. A.N. Srinivasarao

My doctor, Dr. Selvamuthukumar said that the bone at the top jaw is not sufficient to implant. However, he said Dr. R. Gunaseelan (Medical Director at Rajan Dental) is an experienced doctor with years of experience and confidence in implant technology that he said is the latest and hence referred me to Dr. Gunaseelan. I am happy that I had come to Rajan Dental Clinic. I have undergone treatment for the last 3 weeks. On the 22nd of October, finally four implant titanium screws were in place and Dr. Baig fixed the denture teeth successfully. I feel normal now with my face coming back to its natural look and my speech level almost normal. At my age of 81, I feel that new technology as well as the doctors’ experience with it were phenomenal. The Rajan Dental Institute is modern with the latest techniques. The institution is really modern and the doctors and staff function as a team. Let me wish Dr. Gunaseelan and Dr. Baig all the best in all their challenges. I depart with full satisfaction and happiness.

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