Mr. Joel Paul Sultana

I planned to come to India to practice and learn about yoga, Ayurvedic medicine and to eat some delicious food.

Before I left home I needed to have a root canal treatment done, but it was so expensive that I had considered removing the dead tooth. I was advised not to rip it out. I thought I would look into the treatment in India. I read a few articles and I was happy to find that the quality of work was exceptional and the price was very affordable.

I knew I would be around Chennai for some time so I searched google for a dentist in Chennai. The first one I clicked on was Rajan Dental. The website looked good and they also welcomed international patients. So I decided to book in a consultation with them. Upon arrival I was impressed with the immaculate condition of the practice. Everything was clean and modern. The staff were exceptionally helpful and friendly. The appointment was on schedule.

Within ten minutes I was examined, X-rayed and quoted. So I booked the treatment in for the next morning.

I had the treatment done and was rescheduled in for the following week to give time for the infection to subside.

Unfortunately I went surfing two days after the treatment and had an incident surfing and knocked out two of my teeth. It happened on a Sunday which means everything was closed. I was only able to go the hospital to get my lip stitched up on the day.

I went straight to Rajan at 9.30 am and I was seen instantly. They were super helpful & understanding which I loved and needed, especially when I felt a bit lost and confused being that far away from home. They quickly took X-rays and examined them. We had a chat about my options and what will be the best course of action.

I got two implants done. Unfortunately i fractured some bone, so they had do some bone grafting. I would have to wait 5-6 months to let the bone heal to put the permanent teeth in. But for the mean time they made up some temporary teeth.

Overall I was astonished with quality of the service, the level of knowledge and the efficiency of the practice.

The team of staff were super friendly and helpful. As well as the team of doctors, they had specialists in every field of dentistry. I felt that I was in good & trusted hands. They were very sincere and knowledgeable. Would definitely recommend them to all of my friends and family. So grateful that I found this dentist practice

Words from Joel Paul Sultana Mother

I just wanted to say Thank you for looking after my son Joel Sultana, over the past few days, after his surfing accident that he lost 2 of his front teeth.

Nothing worse than a mother knowing her son is in a foreign country hurt and needs to make some serious decisions.

Thank you for all your help.

Kindest Regards,

Pauline Sultana

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