Mr. Kottam Reddy

I live in Boston, USA and the services at Rajan Dental were so impressive that I don’t mind traveling that far for all major dental services. Hence I am putting together this testimonial so that it would help others who might be in need.

Deciding what is best

I had a dental bridge that needed maintenance/replacement every few years. I came to know from my friends that a dental implant is permanent and the right choice. Though it is expensive, I decided to go for it because of the factor that it is permanent.

Finding a right doctor

Since my dental insurance in USA does not cover dental implants and is quite expensive, I looked for alternatives in India. I came to know about Dr. Gunaseelan through my cousin who lives in Chennai. I sent my X-rays and talked with him about my case on the phone. By reading my X-rays he understood my condition easily and explained my situation and possible solutions to me in a way that I could easily follow. His analyzing skills and promptness to matters made me think that he is the right choice.

My experience with Dr. R. Gunaseelan

I can say that the doctor is excellent and the staff is friendly but, there is more than that at Rajan Dental. Because I could not stay for more than 15 days in Chennai every effort was made by Dr. R. Gunaseelan to fit my schedule. Dr. R. Gunaseelan prepared me for surgery by clearly explaining in layman’s terms the procedure and complications that may arise after the surgery. During the surgery he made every effort to keep it painless. The post operation care was excellent as he was there to answer all the questions. I cannot say enough about how friendly the staff is.

My recommendation

From my experience, I feel that customer satisfaction is the primary goal at Rajan Dental and with knowledgeable doctors and experienced staff they are making it possible. I strongly recommend Dr. R. Gunaseelan because of his experience in dental implants and his ability to work with the patient in making the procedure successful.

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