I am R. Sundaresan. My daughter S. Rathna had lost almost 90% of her teeth one by one from her childhood. In those days, it was very difficult for her to take solid food. When she was at the age of 19 years, I came to know about Rajan Dental through an article on Zygoma Implants in a daily newspaper. I took my daughter to Rajan Dental where Dr. R. Gunaseelan examined her and suggested that Zygoma implant is the best solution for fixing the artificial teeth permanently. Immediately my daughter was admitted at their hospital for Zygoma implant at a reduced cost of treatment. After the Zygoma implant, artificial teeth were fixed to the implant. Since her face looks good with teeth fixed, her confidence level has increased which helps her to perform well in her studies. Now she is capable of taking solid food. At this moment, I would like to thank Dr.R. Gunaseelan and also other doctors, nurses and the supporting staff for taking care of my daughter during her treatment.

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