Rajan Dental came to my aid when I had been told by another dentist in India that there was nothing they could do to provide me with crowns that would last any longer than three months!! This was after they had assured me that they would be able to solve my dental needs. Of course three months before the work would fail was no solution at all.
I was told about Zygomatic implants by a different dentist in Mumbai and when i researched it found Rajan dental in Chennai. Rajan dental were able to fit me in at very short notice (with staff working after hours to do so). within 24 hours I had Zygomatic implants and conventional implants placed in my upper jaw and conventional ones that had been incorrectly placed (and one failing) in my lower jaw were revised. A day later I has my temporary upper and lower crowns fitted.
The staff at Rajan dental were very conscientious – in fact meticulous in all that they did and, being a Malo clinic, They conformed to the Malo protocols that govern Malo clinics world wide. I basically got the same treatment that I would have got in a ny other Malo clinic in say, Australia, or anywhere else, but at a fraction of the price. Rajan dental has been doing Zygomatic implants for almost twelve years now and they have recorded a success rate of over 98%.
Of course there were difficult time as there are with any major surgery, and India is limited in the pain medications that are available, so the only thing i can recommend to anyone who would like to get any dental treatment done in India (and combine it with some sight seeing in this amazing country), is to bring Pain medications that you know work on you, and thins like PAW Paw ointment to deal with lip abrasions etc.
I would like to thank all at Rajan Dental staff for their diligence, integrity, patience and their willingness to go to extra effort to get my treatment done in the time I had available.
Dr Rajan himself, was obviously operating from a love and devotion to his work and also took an active interest in each of his patients at the clinic, so thank you so much Dr Rajan!

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