The Autoclave

In any industry, standards of cleanliness plays a major role in customer satisfaction. This is even more prominent when it comes to medical treatments. Doctors utilize the same tools for multiple patients. However, in order to do this, they must ensure that the tool is as good as new for each procedure that they use it for. Sterilization is the process by which all living organisms on surgical tools are killed. This allows the same tools to be used multiple times without the entire tool being disposed of.

The autoclave is one such machine at Rajan Dental that enables us to do the same. The autoclave uses pressure and steam to attain a temperature so high that microorganisms cannot survive. These microorganisms can be bacteria, viruses, fungi or even parasites that can cause infections in our bodies. The autoclave works in a manner similar to a pressure cooker. It floods the chamber containing the used tools with steam and utilizes pressure and a temperature of 121 degrees celsius for about 15 minutes to kill all the microorganisms.

The use of an autoclave significantly increases the standards of hygiene in any practice as traditional methods of sterilization such as the use of boiling water do not provide the same quality of sterilization. As a quality-conscious practice, it is important for us to let our patients know that they are looked after with the utmost care

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