Zygoma implants attract International patients at Rajan Dental

Zygoma implants attract International patients

Mr. Vellaisamy Bhakthavatchalam, hailing from Tanjore who is now settled in Australia for the last three decades had lost most of his teeth due to gum disease. He dreamed of an attractive smile, but the costs of having his treatment in Australia were too high for his budget. “I had put in a lot of effort to web search the right place to get the treatment done in India with the same Australian standards. I did not seek any Health travel agency and approached the hospital directly after looking into their website www.rajandental.com. I was impressed by their very high standards and their internationally qualified doctors and I had got my full mouth Implant treatment – All on 4 implants – done at Rajan Dental at 60% less cost of what I was quoted in Australia. My implants surgery was done and fixed artificial teeth were placed in 4 days. I was also pleased to know that I was there 250th All on 4 implant recipient. I am happy that I had made the right choice!!”

Rising health care costs in the U.S, U.K, Australia and other developed countries push people to seek dental treatment In India , where the facilities have caught up to western International standards. India ranks second in Dental tourism next to Thailand. The most sought after treatment by international patients are replacement of missing tooth with Dental Implants.

Rajan dental has witnessed many International patients coming from the U.S, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and Middle East to maximize not just the economic advantages but the quality and expertise for both simple and complex dental procedures like All on 4 and Zygoma Dental implants. Rajan dental not only has the most advanced technology with the best dental Implantology team but also provides an affordable range without any compromise in the quality of service rendered. The hospital is recognized for its highly specialized team of International dentist. Rajan Dental Hospital also has a dedicated on-site dental laboratory which helps quicker treatment timing and quality control.

Mr. Daniel Ramsier, a 39-year-old Houston resident (U.S.A) had come to Rajan Dental clinic for the advanced Zygoma implant treatment. He felt that the quality and the standards at Rajan Dental Hospital for such advanced surgical procedures was on par with the good clinics in U.S.A. He also added that people should know that the option of coming to India for dental treatment is real and one to be seriously considered.

The chief doctor at Rajan Dental – Dr Gunaseelan Rajan , having been trained internationally in U.K, U.S.A, and Germany with the recent most advanced techniques and being a regular participant in major conferences abroad, has acquired the practice culture of foreign countries and also understands the expectations of international patients who visit Chennai, for their dental treatments.

In addition to enhancing the image of India worldwide, it also adds to the foreign exchange earnings for all country.

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