Semi-fixed Dentures

Semi-fixed Dentures

A Semi-fixed denture with implants (implant overdenture) is a denture that is held in place by means of dental implants. These dentures are retained by clips or bars or fasteners attached to implants. These dentures can be removed by the patient for cleaning.

How many implants are required for overdenture treatment?

The number of implants may vary from 1 – 4 depending upon each individual. After initial consultation with your dentist and after looking at your CBCT scan report, your dentist will determine regarding the number of implants you require securing your denture.

How different is Implant overdentures from my regular dentures?

Regular dentures tend to be loose and shaky and may require denture adhesives to secure them to your mouth. Implant over dentures secures your denture firmly in place and avoids embarrassing moments of slipping dentures.

With an Implant overdentures, do I still have remove the dentures at night?

Yes. These implant overdentures are similar to your regular dentures and they have to be removed at night while sleeping. However, you cannot remove the attaching components over the implants that are present in your mouth which help in securing your dentures.

How long do the Implant overdentures last?

The Implants last a lifetime, but the dentures should be replaced every 3 -5 years similar to your conventional dentures.

Is Implant Overdentures beneficial?

If you are looking for an inexpensive solution for loose dentures – Then the answer is “Yes”. However, the implant overdenture cannot give you the advantages of a fixed implant treatment using All on 4 or Zygoma implants.

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